Masters of a Greater Design

by Valgud

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released October 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Valgud Harlingen, Texas

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Track Name: Valgud - Masters of a Greater Design
the serpent stands above me
dark voices fill my head
they all belong to him
they tell me instructions as weapons are placed in my hands

my shackles are loosed
rage from a thousand years of torture are unleashed
i follow my orders well
the tormentors now lay slaughtered

i make my way forward
a pit of tortued souls is before me
my sword slaughters the demon on the stone overlooking it all

a flash and the shackles on those below me
are replaced by weapons like my own

a battle of demon and man rage
torrents of blood flow
those worthy of the task ahead stand victorious
a scream of anger and my raised sword rallys them

a ramp to the world of god descends
the army of souls marches
at the gates of heaven we arrive
angels descend, we are told to stop

they are the first to fall
the gates are cast aside by the serpent
silence prevails,
all eyes look to me
i raise my sword and issue my battle cry

the tortured, forsaken souls of millions
storm into heaven
taking their well deserved revenge

the blood of angels flows like a river
hell's forces overwhelm them all
soon i stand before the throne of the bastard himself

his mocking laughter echoes
immortality makes him confident
but a weakness of his own design exists
i take up the shimmering sword of a fallen angel

weapons of light and dark
i force them into the chest of Satan himself

king of evil
pierced with blades
pain of a thousand
souls returned
light of darkness
fills with fear
for he knows there can be
no good without

blood soaked ashes are all that remains
i look up and witness beauty in every sense
as destruction consumes the hypocrite

king of evil
pierced with blades
pain of a thousand
souls returned
light of darkness
fills with fear
for he knows there can be
no good without
Track Name: Valgud - Beyond the Spirits of the Dead
A storm brews in the distance
the lightning strikes
paints pictures on the horizon

streams of blood
come to a halt
a vision of life
withering away

the winds blow strong
before the storm strikes
carrying the bone chilling
cold across the land

the room fills
with tears of pain
for silence descends
as the storm grows close

rains of death
pour down across the land
as you leave the world of shadows
far behind

No god prevails
over the realm of shadows
no one governs here
beyond life or death

Myths and fairy tales you knew
to be true
proven false only by death
regret fills your mind
life liven as a lie
up until the point you die

look back upon the world you knew
only one word comes to your mind...

the last wind is blown
the light flees from your eyes
you realize where you will go
Beyond the spirits of the dead

thrown into a world
larger then life
screaming for help
but no on hears your cries

images of the world you knew
flash before your mind
then they disappear far

You're falling
through infinity
sanity slowly
slipping through your fingers

your death
brings you consternation
a feeling you can't describe
anger fills your mind

far beyond the spirits of the dead
undeveloped subconscious
implodes in a wave of

confusion, where's this god
where are the heavens
to embrace me with open

your false knowledge
of the afterlife
made you believe in

silence is louder then your screams
then you hit the bottom
every thought you ever conceived
in an instant is gone!
Track Name: Delusions of Sanity
a poor demented soul
infected by a deadly disease
dreams of a euphoria
inspire hope

a picturesque image
of paradise
perfectly displayed
so vivid in color
the sights are almost palpable

a bright blue waterfall
drops of spring felt
upon his face

the forest was a lush green
it felt so real to him

a top the mountain
was a bright gold castle
he called his
humble abode

falling into a dark abyss
his mind ceases all thoughts
a bright light shines

from far away
he opens his eyes to
a hellish world

a great depression
falls over him
consuming his life

what he saw
what he thought was real
was only a dream
his screams of pain
are heard from far

Drowning in an
elixir for insomnia
negligent of his
own constitution

slowly his mind descends
into a euphoric state
passing through the
walls of sleep

his life draws closer
to the end
as a morbid infection
consumes him

ignorance is bliss
for he truly believes
that his dreams
are his life

once again he wakes up
this time
with his hands behind his back
tied together by a straight jacket
he sees white all around

forever to be alone
forever to be imprisoned
insomnia rampant
here he lies in an insane asylum

through his violent outbursts
he's given an elixir for insanity
once again he falls
beyond the walls of sleep

into a euphoric state he descends
never to wake again
finally he is greeted
by death
Track Name: Valgud - Into the Dark Realm
We fought the battle against
the demons and lost
now we fight again
and die alone
where is God to save us
now, our world has fallen into the dark realm

we march into the battle with no light to shine down
we ask for help and receive nothing
has God abandoned us and left us here to rot?
the demons have taken our world
now we're in the dark realm

there is no god to save you now
we are here to take over this world
welcome into the dark realm
where there will be no mercy

Has god abandoned us and left us here to rot
the demons have taken our world
now we're in the dark realm

now we see the truth
in this dark realm
a deteriorating lucidity
where darkness prevails

the light runs in fear
runs from danger
he fled from us in
our darkest hour
and made this place
our hell

We march into the battle with no light to shine down
we ask for help and receive nothing
has God abandoned us and left us here to rot?
the demons have taken our world
now we're inside the dark realm

we scour the land in this dark realm
roaming the plains of desolation
we've been abandoned by your God
and your God has failed us all

in this dark realm
there's no more god

he left this world
war torn
and scarred
forever we fall
into the cold flames

never to rise again
we've been here for aeons now
in this hell God created
it's our dark realm
Track Name: Valgud - Malice of a Cosmic Entity
a gruesome screech
from beyond the far
reaches of space

a translucent mass appears
distorting the starry sky

a malice of cosmic entity
claims to rule the skies
space and time

he states to us
that we're in aberration
and declares our existence
to be expendable

the ghastly figure gives us all
five years to make amends
and if we don't we'll soon see
the end of time

the cosmic entity leaves us
disappearing into the night sky
like a faint star

how can one expect us
to rid ourselves of dead weight
accumulated over thousands of years
in nothing less then five
nearly impossible
we won't try

on that same night 5 years later
a translucent mass appears again
in the starry sky

we've had our chance
to do what he said
the inevitable is upon us
the malice of cosmic entity

taking two of only the purest at heart
and leaving the rest to die
a portal opens up in what
appears to be the sky
blinding light shines forth
that can only be our demise

seconds to live
and all we can do is cry
these are the consequences of
unpunished sins

now a deserted planet
the mass leaves
to start a new garden of eden

with ones not malformed or mis-created
perfect picturesque
image of God